Small Car Fridges

Small car fridges, ranging from 4 litres to 35 litres, are a fantastic way to keep drinks and snacks chilled on road trips, picnics, or even day trips to the beach. But with so many options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. This guide will explore things you need to consider finding your perfect small car fridge and our best recommendations from trusted retailers in the UK.

Size and Usability

  • Litres vs Usable Space: While capacity is listed in litres, it’s important to remember that usable space may be slightly less due to compartments, shelves, or internal components. A 15-litre fridge might have slightly less usable space after accounting for these features.

  • Dimensions: Don’t forget about the size of the fridge itself! We recommend checking the product dimensions to ensure the fridge will fit comfortably in your car’s boot or interior.

  • Shape and Layout: Consider the shape and layout of the fridge. Tall and thin fridges might be ideal for limited floor space, while wider and shallower options may offer better shelf space for larger items.

Cooling Technology

There are two main types of car fridge technology:

  • Thermoelectric: These fridges are generally quieter and more affordable. They are perfect for keeping drinks and snacks cool, but may not be ideal for long journeys or very hot climates, as they struggle to maintain a consistently cold temperature.

  • Compressor: Compressor fridges are more powerful and can reach freezing temperatures, making them ideal for longer journeys or items that need to stay very cold. They are typically more expensive and slightly noisier than thermoelectric models.

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Additional Features to Consider

  • Dual Zone: Some car fridges offer a dual zone feature, providing separate compartments that can be set to different temperatures – perfect for keeping drinks cool and food frozen simultaneously.

  • Power Options: While most car fridges connect to your vehicle’s 12V DC outlet, some offer additional power options for added versatility. Look for features like mains power for home use or a USB port for charging phones.

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Just like home appliances, some car fridges have energy efficiency ratings. Choosing a model with a good rating can help you save money on battery consumption in the long run.

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