Table Top Fridges

Living the compact life in a flat or dorm? Maybe you just need a handy spot to keep extra drinks or snacks on hand? Then a table top fridge might be your perfect match! These little powerhouses sit conveniently on your countertop or table, offering extra chilled storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Why Choose a Table Top Fridge?

  • Space Saviour Supreme: Table top fridges are champions of small kitchens and dorm rooms. Their compact size means they can squeeze onto even the most limited countertop, providing extra fridge space without sacrificing floor space.
  • Chilling on Demand: Perfect for keeping drinks icy cold, storing leftover lunches, or even housing beauty products that need to stay chilled. With a table top fridge, you have a handy little chill zone wherever you need it.
  • Organisation at Your Fingertips: Most table top fridges come with adjustable shelves and even door compartments, allowing you to organise your bits and bobs with ease. No more rummaging through the main fridge for that missing yogurt!
  • Energy Efficient: Since they’re smaller than traditional fridges, table top models tend to be more energy-efficient, which is kind on your wallet and the environment – double win!

Things to Consider Before You Buy

  • Capacity: Table top fridges come in a range of sizes, typically holding between 4 and 50 litres. Consider how much extra storage space you need.
  • Features: While some table top fridges are pretty basic, some offer cool features like adjustable thermostats, reversible doors, and even compact freezer compartments for extra versatility.
  • Noise Level: Since they’re often placed right on your countertop, consider noise levels if you’re sensitive to a gentle hum.

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Maintenance Tips

To keep your tabletop fridge running efficiently and prolong its lifespan, here are some essential maintenance tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the interior and exterior surfaces regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust.
  • Defrosting: If your fridge requires manual defrosting, do it whenever the ice buildup becomes significant.
  • Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation around the fridge, especially for compressor-based models, to prevent overheating.
  • Temperature Settings: Keep an eye on the temperature settings to ensure your fridge is operating at the desired level.
  • Door Seals: Check the door seals for any damages or leaks, as they can affect the cooling efficiency.

Table Top Fridge FAQ

  • Do I need to defrost a table top fridge? Many table top fridges use automatic defrosting technology, eliminating the need for manual defrosting.
  • How do I clean a table top fridge? Unplug the unit and wipe down the interior with a mild soap and water solution. For the exterior, use a suitable cleaning product depending on the material (e.g., stainless steel cleaner).
  • Can I store frozen food in a table top fridge? Some table top fridges have a small freezer compartment, but their freezing capacity is limited. It’s best to check the specifications of the model you’re interested in.

If you need some extra chilled storage space without sacrificing precious floor space, then a table top fridge is a fantastic option. It’s compact, convenient, and energy-efficient, making it the perfect sidekick for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or even as an overflow fridge for entertaining.

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