Barcool Cosmo4 Mini Fridge

The Barcool Cosmo4 Mini Fridge is a portable and versatile cooler for skincare, beauty, and beverages. It holds 4 Litres/6 cans, with AC/DC options.


The Barcool Cosmo4 Mini Fridge is a versatile and portable cooling solution that can hold up to 4 Litres or 6 cans of your favorite beverage. This mini fridge is perfect for use in your bedroom, dorm, car, office, or during travel. It is also suitable for storing skincare or beauty products that require refrigeration. The AC/DC power options make it easy to use wherever you go. The fridge features a sleek and stylish design with a cream finish that blends seamlessly with any décor. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry and store.


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Barcool Cosmo4 Mini Fridge | 4 Litre / 6 Cans | AC/DC | Portable Small Desktop Cooler for Skincare/Beauty, Bedroom, Dorm, Car, Office & Travel (Cream)
Barcool Cosmo4 Mini Fridge