Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge 4L – White/Pink

The Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge is a portable 4-Litre fridge that can hold up to 6 cans, perfect for skincare, bedrooms, dorms, cars, and travel.


The Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge is the ideal solution for keeping your drinks and skincare products cool or warm on the go. With a 4-Litre capacity, this portable fridge can hold up to six cans and is perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, cars, and travel. It features both AC and USB power options, so you can plug it into any outlet or use it with your power bank. The Classic4 Mini Fridge comes in a sleek white and pink design and has a removable shelf for easy cleaning. Whether you need to keep your beverages chilled or your beauty products at the perfect temperature, the Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge has got you covered.


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Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge - Cooler & Warmer | 4 Litre/6 Cans | AC+USB | Portable Small Fridge for Skincare, Bedroom, Dorm, Car, Travel (White/Pink)
Subcold Classic4 Mini Fridge 4L – White/Pink