VNIMTI Mini Skincare Fridge 8L

The VNIMTI Mini Skincare Fridge is a portable compact refrigerator with an 8-Litre capacity, perfect for keeping skincare products fresh and cool.


Keep your skincare products fresh and cool with the VNIMTI Mini Skincare Fridge. With an 8-Litre capacity, this compact refrigerator is perfect for small spaces such as bedrooms, dorms, and offices. It features a mirror on the front for convenience and comes with both AC and DC adapters for use in the car or outdoors. The cooler and warmer functions allow for versatile use, making it perfect for storing face masks, serums, moisturizers, and even snacks. The sleek white design adds a stylish touch to any room.


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VNIMTI Mini Skincare Fridge 8 Litre, Small Fridge for Bedroom, Portable Compact Refrigerator Beauty Fridge with Mirror, AC/DC, Cooler and Warmer for Dorm, Office, Car, Outdoor (8L-White)
VNIMTI Mini Skincare Fridge 8L