NETTA 5L Mini Fridge – Black

The NETTA 5L Mini Fridge is a portable fridge for drinks, snacks, and skincare with cooling and warming functions. Ideal for bedrooms, dorms, and offices.


The NETTA 5L Mini Fridge is a portable and compact fridge perfect for storing drinks, snacks, and skincare products. With both cooling and warming functions, it can keep your items at the optimal temperature. This AC/DC portable fridge is ideal for use in bedrooms, student dormitories, and offices. The black exterior adds a sleek and stylish touch to any space.


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NETTA 5L Mini Fridge - Portable Small Fridge for Drinks, Snacks, Skincare - For Bedroom, Student Dormitory, Office With Cooling And Warming Function - AC/DC Portable – Black
NETTA 5L Mini Fridge – Black