Subcold Wine Fridges

Subcold is a company specialising in wine cooler fridges. Their fridges are designed to be used either freestanding or under the counter. They come in a variety of sizes with capacities ranging from 16 to 28 bottles.

Here are some of the features of Subcold Wine Fridges:

  • Advanced Compressor Cooling Technology: This technology ensures optimal performance and quiet operation.
  • Adjustable Temperature Range: The temperature range can be adjusted from 3°C to 18°C, which makes them suitable for storing both red and white wines.
  • Removable Shelves: The shelves are removable for easy cleaning and customization.
  • Stylish Design: Subcold wine coolers come in a sleek and stylish design that will complement any kitchen.

Editor's Picks: Best Subcold Wine Fridges

We've selected these fridges for their size, features, and value. Find the perfect one for your needs!

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