Alpicool Car Fridges

Alpicool car fridges are portable powered coolers designed to keep your food and drinks fresh on road trips, picnics, or camping adventures. They’re a perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of chilled beverages and snacks while they travel.

Keeping it Cool

  • Single Zone vs Dual Zone: Alpicool offers both single-zone and dual-zone car fridges. Single-zone models function like a traditional fridge, maintaining a consistent cool temperature throughout the interior. Dual-zone fridges, however, provide the ultimate in flexibility. They feature two separate compartments, allowing you to set independent temperatures for a fridge section and a freezer section. This is ideal for keeping drinks cool while also freezing meat or ice cream for later.

  • Freezing Power: Depending on the model you choose, Alpicool car fridges can achieve temperatures as low as -20 °C, perfect for freezing food or creating ice packs.

Considerations for the Road

  • Power Consumption: Alpicool car fridges are designed for efficient operation, but it’s important to consider their power draw. Most models run on your vehicle’s 12V or 24V DC outlet, and most have features to minimise battery consumption. On longer trips, it’s wise to plan accordingly to avoid draining your car battery.

  • Noise Levels: While Alpicool car fridges are known for their quiet operation, noise levels can vary depending on the model. If a silent cabin is a priority, consider researching specific models with decibel ratings to find one that best suits your needs.

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Built to Last and Packed with Features

  • Rugged Durability: Alpicool car fridges are built tough to withstand the bumps and vibrations of everyday travel. Many models feature robust exteriors and secure latches to keep your contents safe.

  • Extra Conveniences: Look out for additional features that enhance your user experience. These might include easy-to-read digital displays, cupholders for keeping drinks secure, USB ports for charging devices on the go, or interior lights for better visibility.

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