15L Portable Refrigerator

15L Portable Refrigerator Mini Fridge Cooler Freezer for Drug Insulin Vaccine Refrigerator Warmer Car Home Travel Camping Picnic.


This 15L Portable Refrigerator is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold or warm while you’re on the go. It can also be used as a drug insulin vaccine refrigerator or warmer, making it ideal for medical use. With an energy class of A, it is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The mini fridge cooler freezer can be powered by a car adapter or home outlet, making it convenient for travel, camping, picnics, and more. It features a digital display, adjustable temperature control, and a removable shelf for easy organization. The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and store.


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15L Portable Refrigerator, Mini Fridge Cooler Freezer,Drug Insulin Vaccine Refrigerator Warmer,Car Home Travel Camping Picnic[Energy Class A]
15L Portable Refrigerator