QMMD Ice Makers Countertop

QMMD Ice Makers Countertop produces 24 cubes of ice in 12 minutes, with a capacity of 44 lbs in 24 hours. Self-cleaning, 3 ways water refill, and perfect for kitchen, office, bar, and party.


The QMMD Ice Makers Countertop is a fast and efficient ice maker that can produce 24 cubes of ice in just 12 minutes. With a capacity to produce up to 44 lbs of ice in 24 hours, this ice machine is perfect for parties, offices, bars, or any kitchen. It features a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance easy. The ice maker has three ways to refill water: manual, automatic, and direct plumbing, giving you different options to choose from. Its compact design makes it easy to store, and the LED display provides easy-to-read information about the ice-making process.


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QMMD Ice Makers Countertop, 24 Cubes of Ice Ready in 12 Mins, 44 Lbs/24 Hrs, Ice Machine with Self-Cleaning, 3 Ways Water Refill, Suitable for Kitchen Office Bar Party
QMMD Ice Makers Countertop